Saturday, December 5, 2009

Who Dat?

The Saints are 11-0 baby!
And that's about all I know about football - if the Saints are winning or not.
Oh wait! I know that Drew Brees is on the team and he's a Quarterback.
I know
that because I bought a Brees jersey for my cousin last year for Christmas - she told me!

This year the Saints are playing the best they ever have and everyone down here is so siked up!
My husband watches every week, of course - I don't 'cause I think it's
Sorry I can't help it, but I am really proud that they are doing so great - isn't that weird?!

Soooo... anywho,

Serenity has a darling little Saints cheerleader outfit she got last year and I wanted her to have a bracelet to match - especially when I saw the custom made cheerleader beads over at threemoonbabies!

~This shot is from last year - I need to get a 2009

BTW, do you see her toes hanging off the front of her shoes?
I swear she jumped from a size 4 to a size 6 overnight!
One day these shoes fit her and the next - her toes are hanging.
I didn't even notice until I was looking at the pictures on the computer later that day.
Is that funny or what?!
Believe it or not, but she still fits most size 6's.
I'm going to cry a river when she outgrows all her pretty shoes I've collected for her this past year!

and we're back...

Naturally, the main focus of the bracelet is the sweet little Saints cheerleader bead from
I sent Marjorie a picture of Serenity wearing her Saints cheerleader outfit, and she created a pretty bead that looks just like her!
The bead has a bow in it's hair like Serenity's too!

Aww sha - how sweet is dat?!

I also used sterling silver findings and Swarovski topaz crystals and white pearls I bought from Firemoutain Gems and Beads years ago.
I can't remember what kind beads the black ones are - but they have a very nice solid, uniform color.

When I get a newer picture of Serenity wearing her Saints bracelet and cheerleader outfit, I'll post it here!

POST-IT-NOTE: It snowed here last night!! Uh, yea - you read that right! It was very light, and it melted as soon as it touched the ground - but it was most definitely snow! Is that crazy or what?!

Happy Holidays!


Cassandra said...

Go Colts :)

Marjorie said...

It turned out so pretty! I love the addition of the pearls! P.s. you know more about football than I do:) Also, I am going to have to go check out your featured craft tutorial on the side....I have always wondered how the baby leg and arm warmers were made! Thanks!

Vindiciti said...

Geaux Saints!! Woohoo!

Beautiful bracelet, btw!

Your snow didn't stick? We woke up to a beautiful snowy backyard. Not like when I lived in Pa, but impressive for Louisiana! The kids had a blast making snowmen and snow angels and having snowball fights. Once the sun hits it, it's outta here, though!

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