Sunday, December 6, 2009

GWMG: A New Beginning!

We started all over with the Grow With Me Gift! Our paperwhites never flowered - they never popped outta the pods. It was okay - the whole point of the activity is to spend time with your child and share with them the fun of growing plants! And we did!

Kim was kind enough to send us some more bulbs though when she heard - how sweet! So we've started again - and Serenity was thrilled! I can't say it enough - this is a wonderful activity to do with your pre-schooler. It's something they can actually do pretty much by themselves - and that's a big thing. Serenity is so proud of her plant!

We used Serenity's pretty jewels and the vase that held mints at her birthday party. She kept saying, "It beautiful Mommy"!

Don't forget to go check out Grow With Me Gifts' Facebook fan page! And remember to buy your own kit


POST-IT-NOTE: BTW, if you're wondering what that thing Serenity is standing in is - it's called the Learning Tower by Little Partners. It's probably one of the best purchases I've ever made! Now it comes in a million different colors that they didn't have when I got it! Awww! With it, Serenity can reach the counter and I don't have to worry about her falling off the bar stools. It's very well-made in the USA with good solid wood - no cheap particle board! It has some of the best reviews on Amazon too! You can get two cool accessories to go with the tower, a play-house kit and an art easel!

Below is a picture Serenity drew of our family that I'd like to share with y'all. It's the very first one that she has drawn
all of us together, so of course it's very special to me. Her people are evolving too - they used to look more like potatoes. This is the first time I've seen her draw them this way! It's so cool to watch how she learns and does new stuff!

Can you guess who is who?!

POST-IT-NOTE 2: Well, yeah! That's another dress from courtneycourtney - of course!!

Happy Holidays!

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