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Serenity's Toca Boca iPad Apps Review

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It's been awhile since the last time I've done a review of Serenity's favorite apps!
This time I decided to focus on the Toca Boca apps for the iPad, I'll do another post about a few more apps later.

Serenity has been hooked on the Toca Boca lately.
They are very entertaining - tons of activities in each app!

Her favorite is Paint My Wings (.99¢) - Paint 3 different butterfly's wings using 9 berry colors and 7 brushes.
It sorta mirror paints - so when Serenity paints on one side of the wings, the other side is painted too.
Still, it's a nice little app to help children express their creative side.

Toca Kitchen Monsters (FREE) and Toca Kitchen ($1.99) - Both are pretty much the same and fun to play.
The host selects some food and then prepares, cooks, seasons and feeds it to their guest. 
There are 2 guests in the Monsters app and 4 guests in the other app.

Toca Store ($1.99) - This is probably Serenity's least favorite of all the Toca Boca games, but she still insists she likes it.
Your child pretends to own a store and picks items to sell.
They can invite a friend over to buy the items, or play alone.
I like the concept since it introduces money and math.

Toca Robot Lab ($1.99) - Create a robot (lots of combinations), then fly through a maze hunting stars before getting picked up by a giant magnet!
Serenity enjoys putting together some pretty interesting robots, but she really likes finding all the stars.

Toca Hair Salon ($1.99) and THS Christmas Gift (FREE) - Cut, re-grow, comb, shave, color, wash, dry and add barrettes to 6 different character's hair.
In the Christmas Gift version your child gets to have Santa sit in the salon chair!
Serenity said this app is: "Great!" 

Toca Doctor ( .99¢ ) - Heal your sick patient by doing mazes, puzzles, dragging broken bones back together, destroying tiny virus monsters and more!
A lot to do in this inexpensive app.
Serenity gets a kick out of the funny sounds it makes when you've completed a task.

Toca House ($1.99) - This game is packed with activities!
Do loads of chores in a funny multi-level house.
Hang pictures, vacuum the floor, give a monster a bath, tend the garden, mail letters, cut the grass - and lots more!
Serenity thinks the monster in this game is very funny and silly!

These next two are on Serenity's favorite list, Birthday Party Playtime and Toca Tea Party (both $1.99) - These apps can be played with friends, plush pals, dolls or kids can play by themselves. 
Basically your child sets the table with a tablecloth, plates, drinks and goodies.
Their guests can "eat" and "drink" and then have their cups and plates refilled by their host.
If someone "spills" their drink, the host can wipe up the mess.
In the birthday app, your child selects a cake, plates, and a present to open - it also has party poppers for everyone.
All the dishes get cleaned up at the end.
I think the Tea Party app is somewhat better than the Birthday one, but Serenity likes them both.

I really like how all of the Toca Boca apps are set up for your child to play with friends or alone. 
Each app features a "for parents" in-app link with a "How to Play" and "What to Talk About" section.
These apps are creative and holds your child's attention far longer than a couple of minutes!

Serenity says, "I think the apps are for girls and boys everybody will have fun playing them!"

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Have Fun!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Have fun!
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