Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Treasures for Tots GIVEAWAY!!

I can't believe it's been almost a month since I released ( in my Treasures for Tots Big Cartel store) my first pair of original Mary Janes I designed for Serenity's Bamboletta doll

Since then I've released my cute little T-Mary Janes:

And Ballerina shoes too:

Zozobugbaby is hosting a GIVEAWAY for my sweet doll sweater pattern:

And TWO pairs of my original Mary Janes!
I made the little sweet hearts from polymer clay - so cute!

Two lucky people will win!
So head over to ZozoBugBaby to find out how to enter!
The GIVEAWAY ends Friday!

Have fun!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Crochet Mary Jane Doll Shoes


I feel very lucky that I was able to get a lovely Bamboletta doll named Haven for Serenity last year for her 4th Birthday in October. They are in high demand and extremely hard to get. My husband and I even built a fun poster bed for little Haven. I did take some pictures to share how we put it together, and haven't gotten around to posting them on my blog yet. I will try to get that up soon!

In the teaser picture below, you can see my husband carrying the bed (we hid it and waited to surprise Serenity instead of wrapping it), but it's not completely finished. Since I shot this picture, I've made the pillow look more like a mattress and sewed a bigger quilt. I still want to create a few more things for the bed (like make a matching sheet), but I've been so busy with other projects!


I've had plans to make all kinds of new clothes and accessories for Serenity's sweet little doll. I even handmade a few crochet sweaters. You can find the crochet pattern I designed in my Treasures for Tots Big Cartel store.

Recently I also designed some little crochet Mary Jane shoes for Haven. I created the shoes to fit snug around the little round Bambo foot without falling off, but easy enough for kids to slip on fairly easy. I also added a sweet tiny heart button I handmade! I'd never worked with polymer clay before, so I followed a wonderful how-to video on youtube to learn the basic skills I needed to make my own buttons.

The first upload of shoes went up in my Big Cartel store a couple of weeks ago at a special introductory price and to my surprise all nine pairs sold in a matter of minutes! Another upload went up this past Friday and again every pair sold - this time eighteen pairs!! I'm planning to make Fridays my regular upload day. Don't forget to check out the new colors that will be available for the next upload!


One of my all-time favorite designers, courtneycourtney, got a big shipment of Mary Janes and took some beautiful pictures of her doll wearing them. Her sweet Bambo looks so adorable, and I love how she mismatched the shoes!

Make sure you "like" courtneycourtney's Facebook Fan page for a chance to snag your own pretty doll dresses and rompers!


While designing these, I tried to keep in mind children would be playing with them so they had to be durable and easy to get on but something that wouldn't fall off the foot. They had to fit snug, but not too tight. And of course, they had to be cute! In the end (after trying other options), I settled on this design.

I do have plans on the drawing board for new designs that will be released hopefully soon!
Stay tuned to my Treasures for Tots Facebook Fan page for all the latest updates!

Have fun!!
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