Thursday, December 16, 2010

Crochet Waldorf Doll Sweater Pattern

I love the sweet little knitted sweaters for Waldorf dolls, but I haven't knitted in years and I remember it took me forever to make anything!

I really wanted to make one for Serenity's doll, so I decided to create a my own little sweater but crocheting it instead - since I'm much better at that and could probaby make a Waldorf doll sweater pretty quick.

After some practice sweaters and a bit of tweaking, I came up fun and easy pattern. It's very simple (no sewing pieces together), and could probably be completed by most in a couple of hours or less.

One day though, I still want to try actually knitting a doll sweater - even if it takes me three times longer than crocheting!

You can find my pattern for sell at my Treasures for Tots Big Cartel store:

Have fun!
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