Sunday, December 27, 2009

Serenity's Christmas

Santa sure left a lot!

Okay, my Darling Stinker racked up this year - I guess I can't help spoiling her a little!!

So many fun things to play with!

Serenity has been asking for a Baby Alive for months, so she was thrilled when she saw Santa left one for her!

Santa left the cutest cloth diapers in her stocking too.
Santa is so smart, cloth diapers are so much better than disposable!
Good thing he left those too, since no way I'm buying tiny plastic disposable diapers for a doll that messes 'em up every time she gets fed!

We had a good day - lots of fun, family, and food!

Hope y'all had a wonderful Christmas too!

Happy Holidays!


Katie said...

Looks like Serenity had a great Christmas! I just posted some things I made for Mia. She loved the felt food-I linked your blog AGAIN, LOL! Be sure to add yourself as a follower :)

Nevaeh said...

I loooove the stroller. I read your post about you getting in but it is soo cute. Madison also got a chalk board/dry erase/ paint. I like the containers you got for the paint. It looks like she is getting a hang of the v motion really fast :-) I hope Madison gets a hang of hers soon. Madison is over my shoulder saying look at her feeding her baby isnt that cute she is a cute girl feeding her baby hehehe. Merry Christmas, love love love your blog by the way im on here like everyday.

Angie - said...

I got the M&D Easel companion set from Amazon:

Angie - said...

I'm definitely one of your stalkers now Katie!! I LOVE seeing all the new stuff you make for Mia! ESPECIALLY when you make something from MY blog! Hahaha!

Brandy @ The Moody Fashionista said...

Our daughters must be around the same age. Our lil girl also got an art board, stroller, princess outfits, a kitchen, that crazy baby doll, etc...

I *finally* got pinking shears, so I'm off to finally make your felt pasta.

Happy New Year!

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