Thursday, December 24, 2009

Thursday's Treasures: Week 2

Share your crafty ideas!

I didn't get a chance to add this on Thursday - so I'm keeping it open until Monday!
So don't forget to post anything crafty you've been doing!!

Check out some really cool ideas that were linked last week:

Rudolph, What's So Puzzling?
via For What It's Worth...Or Not.

An Apron For Mia
via MiaMoo Designs

Thank y'all so much for sharing!!


1. Click the "CLICK HERE" link below to add a permalink to your crafty project, idea and tutorial post - not your main blog. You can enter as many links as you'd like. However, NO links to Etsy or Ebay stores please!

2. Copy the HTML code for my feature button, and then add it to the
post or on your blog to spread the fun.


3. Don't forget to show a little love by leaving a comment too!

What a cool way to share tons of ideas and crafts across the Blogoshere and good way to promote your blog too!

All the links that get posted before the deadline will stay up indefinitely so you can always stop by to find them again!

Happy Holidays!

1 comment:

Katie said...

Sorry, the first time I linked I by accident linked it to my blog instead of the post, so its linked twice-woops!

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