Thursday, December 10, 2009

Serenity's Personalized Santa Video Message

I saw this fun link to a free personalized Santa video message over at Design Dazzle.

Just answer a few questions about your child {family member or friend}, such as: name, age, location, what gift they've been hinting around about, and upload a picture of them.

The site puts it all together for a really neat video that your child will totally get a kick out of watching!
Serenity loved it and was so tickled when she saw her picture in Santa's book:

Santa even told Serenity he'll bring that special doll she's been asking for {over and over and over}:

Go have a look at Serenity's video here!

POST-IT-NOTE: I found this site where you can download free letters from Santa. Or you can have them sent by email. Really cute. Answer a few questions, pick the letter you want Santa to write, and the design you'd like on the letter. You have the choice of five different letters and designs. If you'd like an envelope download along with your letter, they'll charge you $2.99.
Not too bad since you can use it year after year.

Here's Serenity reading her letter from Santa!

POST-IT-NOTE 2: I just found out from 30 Days about Amazon's 25 Days of FREE Christmas music downloads. Every day until Christmas, they'll offer a new mp3 to download. You might not like some of them. This Christmas Santa, Slower Than Christmas, and Lady GaGa's Christmas Tree are just awful. I happen to like Lady GaGa, but I'd never buy a Christmas album from her! Casting Crowns' Joy To The World is excellent and so are a couple of other ones. Maybe Amazon will have better downloads available in the days to come?

Happy Holidays!

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more on the Lady Gaga Christmas Tree song. Absolutely appalling.

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