Sunday, July 5, 2009

ZoZoBugBaby's $10 Skirt Sale

I managed to get a couple of Julie's $10 skirts she had on sale in her ZoZoBugBaby Store on Etsy that I mentioned and linked on my Vintage Baby post.

Here's Serenity wearing her darling ZoZoBugBaby originals I was able to snag that fateful day!

Such a sweet little Olivia skirt! Olivia is a pig on Nick Jr. She makes up wonderful adventure stories and loves to wear red. It's one of Serenity's favorite shows. The black & white striped custom ordered capris are from Ginger Louise Clothing on Etsy. The whole look is fun & playful!

LOVE the bright colors in this skirt! The M 2 a Tee! by EM Tanner was featured in Tot Trends Weekly Magazine, Girls Rule issue. It's totally customizable - the hair, eyes, skin tone, accessories, text, and more! It matches perfectly with her ZozoBugBaby skirt. Unquestionably cute!

For information on her next $10 skirt sale
you can email her at: and she'll add you to her mailing list! Keep updated about ZozoBugBaby's sales, new styles, and other neat stuff by visiting Julie's blog everyday - like I do!

Serenity let me take quite a few pictures of her wearing the Olivia skirt. Most of the time she's pretty cooperative and allows me to follow her around with the camera or sometimes even poses for me. For the pretty bright skirt, I didn't get that many shots - and most of them didn't come out. But I got a lot of good shots of my darling, bratty Princess wearing the Olivia skirt! Here are a few:

Have fun!

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