Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pirate Ballerina

I had to share this - Serenity is too funny! All day today she had to wear her Ballerina costume - she loves Ballerinas, and Princesses, and Fairies - you know, typical girly stuff. Earlier, she was wearing her Ballerian costume with a pair a wings and a crown - I missed that picture! Well, just a bit ago she came running in the living room wearing her Pirate hat and patch that Paige bought her! She LOVES Pirates too! Typical Serenity! Is my little girl a bit weird or what? Well, I got the chance to snap a couple pictures of her wearing that costume!

Here she is saying, "Arrr matey"!

Ooops! I seriously need to throw her costume in the wash - look at those big chocolate milk stains! Do you see the hair band she put on her ankle? She said, "'Renity's bracelet Mommy"!

Serenity's always loved pirates. I made her Pirate costume for Halloween (it's her Birthday too!) last year using a Bundle Pack from Dainty Designs at

She wearing a huge Rhinestone ring on a ribbon 'round her neck - it's her Pirate "booty"! She even had Pirate Baby Legs (hers are red & black) on!

Serenity loved her costume and we got lots of compliments! I wonder what she'll want to be this year?

Have fun!

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