Friday, July 17, 2009

Serenity's NEW Dresses by Courtney

I just love Serenity's dresses from courtneycourtney - I buy them all the time - and I will continue to do so! I guess what I like the most is all the attention to details and the creativity Courtney pours into each piece she makes. In my opinion, that's what makes her dresses top quality. Each dress is different - no two are alike! No other little girl, in the world, will have a dress just like Serenity - it's totally hers! How awesome is that?! As you can tell, I'm blown away by that fact!

The dresses immediately grabs a person's attention too, and Serenity always gets compliments when she wears a courtneycourtney dress! Not only does Courtney mix and match all kinds of fabrics and prints, but she does her own silkscreen designs and painting too! Awesome Artwear! Those dresses are extra-special and only in limited supply - so you gotta be quick to nab you one 'cause they go FAST!

Buying a courtneycourtney dress for Serenity also gives me an excellent reason to take more pictures of her wearing them! I love taking pictures and learning to Photoshop! Can you tell?!! Here's a "few" I took (you can click on the image to get a closer look) :

I only got two good shots of the "Around The World" dress, so I want to get more - of course! It's a darling dress, but Serenity insisted on wearing her "ballerina" shoes (that's what she calls them!), and they are a half size too small - she didn't want to wear them for long! So I need to try again with a different pair of shoes. Serenity has a pair of black Mary Jane's that I think would look almost as cute as the ballerina ones!

The "droplet" dress is one of my favorites - I got a lot of pictures of Serenity wearing that one! Here are a couple more:

Don't forget to check out Courtney's store courtneycourtney on Etsy, and her blog. You can see her newest posts about Serenity here and here!

Have fun!


Ashley said...

I must have these! They are SO cute! I love all the fabrics. They look so comfy....I want them in my size. Thanks for sharing. And Serenity is the perfect little model!

Angela Neil said...

Thank you! They are comfy - very play friendly! I adore Courtney's dresses!

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