Saturday, July 18, 2009

Chuck E. Cheese Coupons!

I take Serenity to CEC almost every Friday, unless my husband is home from Offshore and we have something else planned. Of course Serenity absolutely loves going - what kid (or grownup :) ) doesn't?!

It can get really expensive, but I never go without plenty of coupons! And CEC is very generous when it comes to their coupons. They'll let you use several at once and certain coupons you can use over and over!

If you Google Chuck E. Cheese coupons, you'll get around 105,000 hits! But my favorite ones are from Minute Maid and can be found here. They are in PDF form so you can save them to your computer and print 'em over and over! And they don't expire until Halloween! It's a great set of CEC coupons.

I think they would make excellent grab-bag party favors too. Change your printer settings to "fast draft" or "quick print" so you don't use a lot of ink, then print away for all those party guests!

I recently found some more coupons that you'll get a slightly better deal (the first set of downloadable coupons), but they expire on 8/8/09 - so use 'em while you can! Using these coupons, last night we (Me, Serenity & Kelsey) ordered a large meat combo pizza, four drinks, and 280 tokens - all that was only about $40!

Dontcha wanna load the kids up and head over to CEC now?!

Find the newest Chuck E. Cheese coupons HERE!

Have fun!!

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crystal_crtr2 said...

I wish I would have had these last week. I wanted to take Jenna and my niece to CEC, but I wanted to do it with a coupon so that it wouldn't cost that much. I will keep these so that I can hopefully take them soon.

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