Thursday, July 16, 2009

Beautiful Bethany!

Yesterday, I took Bethany and Serenity around town for a "little" photo shoot. Despite the sweltering heat, we had fun and I got some awesome shots of Bethy!

Most of these were taken in Bayou Black. Bethany is perched on the edge of a little bridge. Did you notice the little heart she is making with her hands? That was completely by accident - cute! The view of the bayou from the bridge made a cool picturesque background!

The first picture was taken in Bayou Black on the same bridge as the previous pictures. The middle picture was taken on the side of the road. We saw this old red chair out near the bayou, and I thought it would make a neat prop. So I pulled over and the kids posed pretty for me! The last picture was taken at the park on the Airbase.

I love how these pictures of Bethy turned out - doesn't she have one of the most prettiest smiles you've ever seen?!

Have fun!


Ashley said...

Awesome pics! Looks like you had fun! I LOVE Bethy's pink top!

Angela Neil said...

Thank you! The top came from Target - they have such cute clothes for kids!

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