Saturday, July 11, 2009

Make Flashcards Using Web Photos

These are Serenity's flashcards I made for her when she started to recognize and name different objects. 
I went online and Googled images of her first words. 
I know I made more cards than the ones in the picture, but I guess they got buried deep somewhere in Serenity's room!

Flashcards are a wonderful learning tool. 

Show your baby something colorful - something interesting and she'll want learn more!
Although guess that's just how it is with everybody. 
If you find something totally boring, why bother learning anything more about it, right?
Your baby feels the same way!

Plus, this is a really neat way to remember your baby's first words,
and a cheap learning tool they'll use for a long time.

Now, the
best pictures to get are clear, bright, colorful ones with a white background - they print better.
Plus you don't want unnecessary background images distracting or confusing your little one either. 
Try to find pictures like ones below of a piggy bank, a beach ball, and some peas:

It works best if you find pictures with images of just one kind of object; for example, don't use a picture that has an image of a fork and a spoon. 

Here are some photos I found of oranges, rooster, apples, spinning top, watermelon, helicopter, school bus, Barbie Fairy, dump truck, airplane, sand castle, clown fish, elephant, dinosaur, cookie, strawberries, pancakes, pizza, book, TV, phone, goat, horse, unicorn, spider, tree, flower, grapes, sippy cup, bottle, paci, ballerina, and peaches

You can also go here for all kinds of free stock photos!

I printed the images on 4x6 photo paper and my husband had them laminated in town. 

I don't remember where, but I do remember it was fairly cheap. 
If you don't have a machine at home, I'm sure one of those Office stores will laminate your photos for a low price.

The cards are pretty durable too. 

I've had these for almost two years now and they are still in great shape! Serenity still likes to play with them, so I maybe I'll add more cards to her collection!

Have fun!

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