Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Toddler Flower Vase

Serenity loves flowers! Show me a little girl who doesn't!

My husband just gave me a lovely bouquet of flowers (I love it when he buys me flowers!) before he went back to work, and Serenity wanted some too - of course! I gave her a few of them, but it got me to thinking. Maybe she'd like to have her own vase full of flowers to put on the little table in her Castle Bed. But the vase can't be made out of glass, it can't have water in it, and it has to be kinda cutesy!

Last night, I bought a $5 bouquet of yellow wildflowers at Wal-Mart for Serenity, then looked and looked and looked for something to put them in. All of Wal-Mart's vases were made of glass - not one of them was plastic. In the kitchen section, all the glasses looked like, well - glasses! Nothing cutesy enough for a little girl's room!

Finally, my friend's tween, Bethany told me they had some little cups in the bathroom section that she thought would make a cute flower vase. I'm wondering why she didn't speak up sooner? You know, before I did a hundred laps around the entire Wally World "Home" area?!

Wal-Mart has some new, heavy, clear plastic bathroom accessories ( in pink, blue, green, orange, purple, and black), that are cheap and cute. Bethany was right, the cup was cute, but I liked the toothbrush holder ($4) even more!

How darling does this look filled with flowers?

I cut a few flowers all different lengths for Serenity's "vase", then put the rest of them in my vase on the kitchen table. When Serenity's die (or she breaks them, or pulls all the petals off, or sticks them up her nose, or eats them), I'll replace them!

Have fun!



Ashley said...

So cute! Great idea!

Just so you know....everytime I visit your blog I am SO COMPLETELY taken aback by the beauty of your child! She is unbelievable. I'm convinced that she has the best wardrobe of any toddler as well ;) Please tell me that this breathtaking child has a modeling contract somewhere!!!

Angela Neil said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful compliments about Serenity!! She probably has too many clothes - but I still buy or sew if I think it's cute - I just can't resist!

The only modeling job she has is posing for me - kinda. She usually just does her own thing while I'm chasing after her begging and pleading for a smile, my finger constantly on the camera button snapping away!


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