Friday, July 10, 2009

ZozoBugBaby Rag Dress

I got a few pictures of Serenity over at Lumen Christi's and one at Boudreau & Thibodeau'sZozoBugBaby Rag Dress.

This dress is gorgeous!

I love the way Julie puts all those colorful fabrics together!
She's absolutely amazing!

Julie has a wonderful Summertime sale going on right now in her Etsy store. Hurry! It ends on July 13th!

Don't forget to keep stopping by Julie's blog for all her latest updates, sales, beautiful pictures, and cool stuff to buy that she finds at awesome Etsy stores - like Lemon Lollipop and SunBasilGarden!

While you're enjoying ZozoBugBaby, check out Julie's posts about Serenity here!

Have fun!

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