Sunday, October 25, 2009

Grow With Me Gift: A Week Later

This is the Grow With Me Gift kit after a week. If you missed my first post about the GWMG kit - click here to check it out!

I kept it in our spare bedroom until the roots started to develop - it's dark and cool in that room. Kim put that advice on her Facebook Grow With Me Gift page for those of us who live in the South and are still experiencing cool/warm (sometimes hot) weather.

Now it's in my kitchen and doing really good.

Serenity is having fun with this project too. Look how interested and excited she is taking care of her plant!

I have to be careful not to give Serenity too much water to put in the vase, only the roots should be covered. Too much water on the bulbs could make them rot!

I had to take the sticks out 'cause she wanted to dig in the gravel with them. So this is the face she's giving me - da brat!

POST-IT-NOTE: Serenity's wearing a necklace she made all by herself today. I want to set up a necklace-making table at her Birthday party and this one was for practice - she had fun making it so I think the other little girls will too! It'll look cute with their Princess dresses dontcha think?! Isn't her face crazy-looking? I was practicing face-painting! I'm awful, huh?! Serenity didn't care though! I think this would be another entertaining activity to have at Serenity Bparty - something the older girls could do for the younger kids. I think they would all have fun!

Don't forget to get your Grow With Me Gift kit today!

And yes, Serenity's charming and bright dress is by courtneycourtney!

Have fun!


Kim said...

u have got to love her!!! OMG... She is sooo sweet! thanks for the great update:-) yes... i want the dress! lol

courtneycourtney said...

Oh she looks DELIGHTFUL in orange too!!!

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