Thursday, May 14, 2009

Serenity's New Outfits!

I've allowed too much time to past before posting again! My husband Terry was home for two weeks and we've all been busy spending time together doing all kinds of stuff! I'll be posting about that soon - along with lots of pictures! Terry just went back offshore for 8 weeks and not only will I miss him like crazy, but now I'll way have TOO much free time on my hands!

I'll be posting more about Serenity's hair cream later too; this time I wanted to post the pictures of Serenity's outfits that I talked about in "Cute Kiddie Stuff" post.

Since finding courtneycourtney on Etsy I've bought THREE of her beautiful and comfortable dresses for Serenity! They are darling and perfect for any little girl! Courtney's designs are so original and if your little girl is anything like Serenity, she'll think it's lots of twirly fun to wear one of her dresses!

Serenity is wearing Courtney's new dragonfly silkscreen design - isn't it cute?! Courtney even posted pictures of Serenity on her blog. Go check them out! You'll find out Courtney's latest updates and see some awesome photo shots of the cutest little girls modeling her dresses!

This is Serenity's "I Am 2" dress. Serenity said, "Look! Number 2! 'Renity 2!" when she saw this!

And here's her "Captain Kidd" dress. I think this one is Serenity's favorite! She LOVES pirates! She ran around wearing this saying, "Pirate dress! Arrr!"

Another of my favorite shops is WhimsyRanch. Marie's leotards are just beautiful and soooo girly! I got Serenity one and she immediately wanted to put it on! Here's a picture of her wearing a stunning orange & aqua one:

Lots of hand-sewn sequins on this absolutely gorgeous one of a kind leotard tutu!

I bought another one of Elayne's beautiful pettiskirts too! I can't help it - they are PERFECT for toddlers! Just the right size - not too big or too long - just fluffy, twirly, & girly fun for your tiny tot! This one is called "Grape Jelly" and I made a Princess top from a pattern I got from Don't forget to check out Elayne's newest creations here on Ebay!

BTW, can you tell I've been playing around with Photoshop?!

So if you're looking for something totally unique, beautiful and very girly for your Darling Daughter, niece or Granddaughter, I highly recommend a dress from courtneycourtney, a leotard from WhimsyRanch, and a pettiskirt from Elayne at Twinstitches4u on Ebay! Go check all of them out today!

Well that's it for this post - but I won't wait so long to post again!

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