Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Crayon Wallets

Last night I finished more Crayon Wallets for a couple of my friend's toddlers .

I really like this pattern. I found it on Etsy at JCasa's shop. Jennifer
Casa's PDF "Child's Coloring Wallet" pattern is only $7. The wallet is very easy to sew; you definitely don't have to be an expert. Jennifer gives you permission to sell the wallets too. Go have a look around Jennifer's store; she has a few other PDF patterns for sell.

I put a mini notebook in each wallet since I couldn't find a blank notepad like the Jennifer suggests at
Wal-Mart or Target. I wonder if I could find one at Office Depot or Office Max? Jennifer recommends using the middle pocket for the kid's masterpieces, and I thought the middle pocket was perfect for stickers too! I used washable crayons (is that one of the greatest inventions or what?) for all the obvious reasons, but also because the crayons will rub off on the interior fabric and using washable crayons makes cleanup easy. I made the cute little fabric buttons using a button kit.

My costs
Child's Coloring Wallet Pattern - $7
1/2 yard of fabric - $3 (I used fabrics I already had; I guesstimated how much a 1/2 yard would typically cost)
1/2 yard Pellon Fusible Decor-Bond - $4 (Around that price at Wal-Mart)
Cover Button Kit (5 pack) - $2
Mini notebook - 49¢
Crayola washable crayons (16 ct.) - $2 (I wanted the extra crayons for Serenity to replace any broken ones)
Lg. pack of elastic ponies w/free hanger - $4 (Around that price at Wal-Mart)

It seems high, but these are the initial costs. I won't have to buy the pattern again, plus I have two more buttons left in my kit, a ton of elastic ponies left, I could buy the 99¢ (or less) pack of crayons, and I have a lot of scrap fabric so I won't have to buy more. Actually my costs were much cheaper, but that's 'round-about what it'll cost if you start from scratch.

Here are a couple of pictures of my finished Crayon Wallets:

The John Deere is for Jeshua, Dora is for Cobee Lynn and the Mermaid wallet is Serenity's!

They fold up small enough to fit in your purse. Perfect for restaurants, doctor's office, airplanes, or whenever your little one is bored!

I found another cute "Crayon Wallet" ($6) by GetSassed on Etsy and decided to buy that PDF pattern too. Along with a PDF pattern for a Crayon Art Folio ($6) by Ginia18. I want to make all three and see which one I like the best - or should I say which one Serenity likes the best.

For FREE quick and easy Crayon Roll tutorials, check out:
Frugal Family Fun Blog for a felt roll
Skip to my Lou shows you how to add Rick Rack to a Crayon Roll, and a how to make an easy Crayon Roll out of felt.
I like this crayon roll from The Pleated Poppy too.

Go take a look at my Valentine Art Tote tutorial. I designed a crayon wallet using a placemat from Target!

Have fun!

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Vanessa Hewell said...

I just got a pattern for a crayon wallet and can't wait to get started! I'm going to make a couple as gifts and maybe add some to my shop. Yours turned out very cute.

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