Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lizzy's Horse Ensemble

For well over a month now, I promised to sew a Tiered Flouncy Sundress by Tie Dye Diva & Monkeysbug (from of course!) for Lizzy using some really cute horse fabric from Hobby Lobby. I kept putting it off because it seemed something was always distracting me. I've been pretty busy lately, which is surprising 'cause I'm not usually! I've been going here & there everyday it seems for, like, ever. And when I do have a sewing moment, I've made things for Serenity and kept putting Lizzy's outfit on the back burner - which was so not fair to her since I promised to make it a long time ago (well over a month is like years to a tween). But she never hounded me about it. I know if I was in her place I'd be calling everyday wondering where my outfit was at!

A new week comes around, forever has gone by, and no outfit. Well her birthday was on Saturday and I knew I better get it done - or else, right? So, typical me, I waited until almost the very last minute and to zip together this very easy dress. That's the horrible part - it only takes a short time to sew it together! So anyways, it's now Thursday night, I got Serenity all tucked in bed, and I'm watching old episodes of Leverage (BTW, awesome show and the season 2 premier starts on July 15th) while I start on the dress. I'm in my "sewing zone" putting the pieces of the dress together, and guess what happens? I'm sewing the pieces together completely wrong! Ugh. It's a tiered dress, so that means the top pieces are smaller than the bottom pieces, and I was sewing it upside down! How in the fraking world did that happen? My zone was destroyed and I didn't get anymore sewing done that night.

Friday rolls around and I left the house around 4PM and didn't get home until almost 10PM. I took Serenity and Kelsey to Chuck E. Cheese's, shopping and ice cream at Baskin-Robbins. We had a great evening, but I knew I was going to be up late another night sewing. Finally, though, finally I got it all together and it came out so cute!

Here's Lizzy at her Birthday Party wearing her new outfit!

All the patterns I used to make her horse ensemble came from

The Tired Flouncy Sundress by Tie Dye Diva & Monkeysbug has got to be my favorite summer dress! It's so easy to sew (it really is) and Lizzy loved it.

The fabric headband is a FREE pattern offered by PatchworKids. Easy peasy!

The Messenger Bag is by Aivilo Charlotte Designs. It can be made in three different sizes, Lizzie's bag is the smallest one. I think that size makes a sweet little purse for tweens or teens. I got the purse done earlier this week - I make sure not to leave it for the last minute, just in case I had any problems since it was my first handbag. Who knew it would be the dress I've made around 8 times that would give me the most problems? I only made a couple mistakes on the purse and I had some problems with the pockets, but Lizzy never noticed them! All my friend's little girls liked it, so I have a feeling I'll be making a few more tween-sized purses!

Before I went to bed to catch a few Zzzs before the B-Party, I made Lizzie's little brother, Jeshua, a pair of shorts using the Betsey & Joey Shorts Pattern by Nanoo Designs. They are the non-reversible version and came together very fast! Great pattern! I'll be making more of these shorts too!

I need a picture of Jeshua wearing them!

Here it is late (or early?) again, but no sewing today! Instead, I'm taking Kelsey on a little photo shoot around town. That's something else I've been promising to do and never got around to it. Kelsey loves all the senior pictures I took of LeAnn and wants to do the same thing. I'll never have to beg Kelsey to pose for me! She likes nothing better than having a camera pointed at her. I'll get tired of taking pictures of her before she gets tired of posing for them - and that's saying a lot. I can, have and will always take tons of pictures!

Ciao for now!

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