Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mother's Day

I had a wonderful Mother's Day! I spent time with my Mama, Daddy, Paige (my baby sister), LeAnn (my cousin who I've raised and is like a daughter to me) and Serenity. The only person missing was Terry, but he had to go back to work. He did get me a cool Mother's Day gift before he left: a brand new Garmin NĂ¼vi 760. I love gadgets!

Daddy took all of us to eat at one of my favorite restaurants when I was a kid, Chester's Cypress Inn in Schriever. It's a very old restaurant - my Dad used to eat there when he was a kid! It's been open since the 1940's and they serve the most delicious fried chicken, frog legs, livers and shoe-string onion rings. Lots of fried foods - but oh so GOOD! I wish I had taken a picture of the restaurant but I didn't even think about it at the time! You can see the restaurant in the movie "Easy Rider" that was filmed in 1969! Neat, huh?

I did get some pictures of LeAnn and Serenity and I LOVE the way they turned out:

Typical LeAnn bugging Serenity and typical Serenity being bratty! LOVE it!

I think I took a better picture this year than I did last year. I do like the picture I took of them on Mother's Day last year (their personalities come pouring out of this picture), but I could do without that cigarette in LeAnn's hand!

Awww! We were at the park on the Airbase - on top of that huge hill. BTW, anything higher than a speed bump is consider a hill in South Louisiana!

This next picture was taken in 2007 and it's one of the first pictures I have of LeAnn and Serenity. It wasn't taken on Mother's Day, but that doesn't really matter - it's still one of my favorite pictures of them!

They are so pretty and sweet!

Here's another one of my absolute favorites:

Someone once told me that looking LeAnn & Serenity's expressions in this picture made her think of a teen pregnancy poster you'd see at the welfare office! Too funny!

I had a wonderful Mother's Day! I got to spend it with the people I care about the most in my life and eat some delicious food! What can be better than that?! I did miss Terry very much, but I'm very lucky we got to spend our 10th Anniversary together so I'm not complaining too much!

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