Monday, May 25, 2009

Kelsey's Glamorous Photo Shoot

I finally took Kelsey on her "just like LeAnn's" photo shoot yesterday. We had a nice time driving all over Houma and Thibodaux stopping at some really cool places to get great shots, and then we had a delicious supper at the new Chinese resturant in Houma.

The pictures came out good and Kelsey looks beautiful in every single one of them - of course! I told Kelsey she has to tell everyone that I'm awesome! Lol!

I have a feeling I'll be doing this again soon for a couple more of my friend's tweens...

Here's just a few of my MOST favorites 'cause this post would be waaaayyy too long if I tried posting all of them. And before I forget, I was right when I said in my last post that I would get tired of taking pictures before Kelsey got tired of posing for them. Good thing the sun going down allowed me to STOP and get some rest! Lol!

Four years ago for LeAnn's graduation pictures, I took some of her on the railroad tracks at the end of Devil's Swamp Road in Thibodaux. When Kelsey and I drove to the same place, there were around 10 train cars on the tracks and "No Tresspassing" signs posted. We were so disappointed - no cool railroad pictures - or so we thought! On the way home, while driving over the bridge that is in the background of the pictures, we both saw these tracks at the same time. Strange that I have never noticed them before! I've only gone to Thibodaux, like, a few hundred times in my life!

These were taken at St. Martin Law Office's grounds off 311. It's so beautiful over there and so perfect for pictures! I think practically everybody in Houma gets (or wants) their pictures taken on those amazing grounds! Here's some historic information about the property I found on St. Martin's website:

"The Law Offices of St. Martin, Williams & Bourque are located on Historic Crescent Farm, which was founded in 1827 by William Alexander Shaffer and was the center of operations for the Shaffer family land holdings. The present building occupying the site was constructed in 1849 and was the centerpiece of a cane farm that included its own sugar mill. Crescent Farm continued to be a major producer of sugar cane until the 1920's and was eventually acquired by corporate processors in the 1930's. In 1969 the house and its current surrounding acreage were acquired by a private landowner who undertook the restoration of the house and the extensive landscaping of the grounds. In 1986, Crescent Farm was acquired by St. Martin, Williams & Bourque, which has occupied and maintained the premises ever since."

These were taken by Terrebonne General under the overpass that goes across the Intracoastal Canal. The dead end road used to go over a really cool bridge that would opened in the middle, and then both halves would stand straight up to let the boats pass! It was such an unusual bridge. It was even featured in a movie years ago when I was a kid. In the movie, there was a dramatic car chase, and the getaway car had to make an impossible jump over the bridge while the two halves were opening up to escape from the cops! Wow! Evel Knievel stuff, huh? Well, of course the getaway car made it! The cops that were chasing the car tried to do the same thing, but fell into the Intracoastal - duh! Didn't they know?! I wish I could remember the name of that movie! Anyways, the bridge (and the one beside it) was taken down years ago to make room for the overpass, and now the dead end spot makes for a neat picture! While I was taking pictures, a tug boat passed by (going pretty fast for a tug boat), and Kelsey wanted to take a picture with it in the shot, so we ran over there before it disappeared! Quick thinking Kelsey!

Bridge Edit: Kelsey's Grandmother, Mrs. Sherry, told me some really interesting information about the movie that featured Houma's unique bridge. This is what she emailed to me:

"The name of the movie was "Fear is the Key". It was filmed in 1972, starring Barry Newman & Suzy Kendall. I was working in the lounge of the hotel where the crew was staying. I got to meet them all, as they would stop by for food & drinks every evening. I was amazed that Barry Newman was a little twerp. Suzy Kendall could eat soup off his head if it weren't for his elevated shoes, lol! The really interesting crew was the stunt drivers. They didn't seem the least worried about that bridge jump. I can't recall their names now but they were a trip!"

Isn't that neat? But man, I must've watched the TV version or something of this movie - I was only 1 when it came out!

More pictures taken at St. Martin's.

These were taken at St. Martin's too. The first one reminds me of an old 70's picture - you know how they all look red 'cause they are so old? Hush! No "Girl, you're so old" jokes! The black and white shot is one of Kelsey's favorites 'cause she says it looks like a cool creepy scary movie! Lol! It does too! She looks so sweet... but cunning too, and hey look! What's that she got hiding behind her back?!

These are just random shots. The red brick picture is from Downtown Houma and I just love the color so I pulled over and we got a few quick shots. The second one is the front of a really nice neighborhood that's being developed in Thibodaux. I love how both of them turned out - beautiful!

These were taken at a Catholic Church on the way home from Thibodaux. I can't remember the name of the church, but the first thing I noticed about it was the beautiful brick. So we hopped out the truck and in less than 5 minutes I had these gorgeous shots! The first one is Kelsey's FAVORITE! She keeps going on and on and on and on about that photo! It is pretty awesome!

I know it was Kelsey's Glamorous Photo Shoot Day, but I couldn't resist - I had to snap off a couple of Serenity too! In the first picture, she's holding a handful of Black-Eyed Susans that Kelsey jump into a ditch to pick for her - thank you Kelsey! In the second picture we are at St. Martin's, and when Serenity saw Kelsey posing against the brick, she had to copy her - how darling is that?! She's wearing her newest leotard tutu from Whimsy Ranch. Isn't it beautiful? I love it! Serenity calls it her "elephant ballerina" outfit and tries to twirl on her toes! Too cute! If you have a Darling Daughter, she'll love love a leotard tutu from Whimsy Ranch!

Did you notice Serenity's boo-boo on her nose? She kept saying, "Nose hurts", my poor baby! She was involved in a tricycle accident at Lizzy's B-Party. I guess I'll be seeing plenty more of those soon while she learns to ride her new training bike!

Kelsey was great the entire day and did an wonderful job of posing pretty for all her photos! Love you lots Kelsey!

Well that's it for now, more later!

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