Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Week of Fuzzy Cell Phone Pictures

Okay another week gone by, and more fuzzy pictures to share!

I took all of these with my 3GS iPhone and edited them with Photoshop Express just like last week.

This week I also used PicFrame (99¢) to show some of the before/after shots when I edit.
A couple of them I made into mini "storyboards".
A fun, inexpensive little app!
Lots of frames to choose from, but you can easily resize the frames too.
So many features on this cheap app - go try it out I think you'll like it!

Deep conditioning Serenity's hair with THIS.
She said, "I look like a beautiful alien!"

Found the little guy chewing on our cabbages:

Serenity is all dressed up and headed to art class!

Doing Math problems the old fashion way.
I bought our abacus HERE.

Dropping my hubby off at the airport in NOLA.
He works in Brazil for two months at a time.
We are going to miss him a lot!

Serenity's silly little Jeanette toy.

It's a hard knock life!
Serenity's handmade mop is from Camden Rose.
You can find it on Amazon too.

We made stamps using bottle caps and foam stickers.
You can find the tutorial we used HERE.

A little Supper with Serenity at her favorite pancake place.

Painted her piggy toes!

My little pink drink.

Have fun!

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