Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sarah's Glamorous Photo Shoot

Yesterday, I took Sarah out & about for her very own "glamorous photo shoot" - just like Kelsey. She was a very good model and her pictures turned out magnificent! Here are some of the results:

These were taken at St. Martin's. I love bright colors and how Sarah is posing in both these shots.

The one on left is at St. Martin's. It looks like she's floating. I think it's her "Angel" picture. I intentionally blurred the edges around Sarah to give the shot a more "afterlife" effect. The one on the right is near Uptown in Houma. I enhanced every bit of blue in this shot, and I'm so pleased how it turned out. Sarah's outfit appears blue, but she's actually wearing a grey shirt - not blue! I love the way that gorgeous deep blue looks against the beautiful old red brick, the effect is quite striking! I also "airbrushed" Sarah's name on the wall - neat, huh? I had to take a crash mini-course online to learn how to do that!

Taken at St. Martin's. Unquestionably stunning. I really like her outfit too, she looks like a throw-back to the 80's! The big shirt/legging style is coming back. Oh my!

Taken at St. Martin's. These poses are very whimsical. Sarah was such a splendid model.

Taken at the Railroad tracks in Thibodaux. The first one is cute and funny - look at that smile! The second one looks like Sarah's punk rock album cover! Dude, she's so cool!

The top one was near the Intracoastal Canal. I enhanced all the blue in this photo. I absolutely LOVE the results! the bottom one was at the railroad tracks in Thibodaux. Look at her sassy little bow smile!!

Taken at St. Martin's. The one on the top is Sarah's favorite. I like the angle too, I was able to get the gazebo, the bayou, and a beautiful smile from Sarah all in the same shot. As for the picture on the bottom, I gave this one a "soft" look to achieve that "ghostly" effect. We were on the grounds of a very old house, so I needed at least one "spooky" shot!

Hope you enjoyed the new pics! Thanks for stopping by!

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