Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Handmade Crochet Stitch Markers

Right now I'm crocheting a skirt for Serenity using a pattern I found on Etsy by Dutch Knitting Design. After ripping out my work twice, I realized I needed something to keep track of my chains, 1st. stitch, rows, right side, and all that other crochet stuff. Hmmm... think, think, think - I know (as Serenity would say)! Stitch markers! I remember reading how Alice over at furturgir!.com, used a ton of markers when creating her beautiful handbags. In fact, she even has a "paper clip stitch markers" tutorial posted on her blog. Cheap & incredibly useful! I never needed stitch markers when I was younger; I just kinda winged it. They would be very handy to have now though!

So I did a quick Google search "make crochet stitch markers" for some more ideas, and got 132,ooo hits. I liked Alice's tutorial too, but I didn't have paper clips last night, so I improvised. I used a safety pen, and I broke apart a old beaded necklace (that I don't think I've ever worn), and made my own stitch marker. I use the beads and clasps from the necklace, and a small piece of embroidery floss. It's cute, but I think I need just a few more to really mark my project - and future projects.

Since all my bracelet making stuff is in storage (and no way I'm digging through all
that by myself!), I stopped at Michael's (Wal-Mart has a pretty okay selection of beads and findings too) today and picked up some beads, jump rings, pins w/rhinestones, lobster claps, and mini needle nose pliers:

I used one big bead and two small ones, a lobster clasp, jump ring, and pin to make each marker:

Here are my markers. I made the one the far right from the old necklace.

Here's a picture of the markers attached to Serenity skirt:

BTW: The crochet hook has a flower hand that was handmade from polymer clay. I first saw these pretty (and comfortable to use) hooks over at PlanetJune and followed the link back to The Fanciful Feline on Etsy. For years now, my hands have started to cramp so bad I haven't been able to crochet. I used to make big, beautiful afghans but had to quit because my hands would hurt so bad almost as soon as I'd start crocheting. I just started crocheting again, but only to do quick and easy projects - like halter tops for Serenity, but I had to put down my work often to rest my hands. I made Serenity's skirt using this crochet hook, and it was a HUGE difference. My hands didn't hurt - and only after a long time of crocheting did they even ache, but that's perfectly normal! I probably should've invested in some kind of cushion a long time ago. The hooks at The Fanciful Feline are not only beautiful, but very comfortable to use too! Go check 'em out today.


I like the way my markers came out - I'll probably make more soon. I think I would like a few more using embroidery floss. The beaded floss marker is much more flexible than the wire markers; plus it's very light!

If you want to make your own, use any type of beads, wire, embroidery floss, earring hooks, leverback clasps, lobster clasps, or whatever you want. You can make them very cheap & cute
or expensive & exquisite (having fun wit da words). It's totally up to your budget and imagination!

While at Michael's, I almost bought a Super Style Kit - the pink one. It has everything you need to start making all kinds of different jewelry - for only around $25. Not too bad. But those red beads caught my eye first and I couldn't resist! Michael's had a few other interesting kits you might want to have a gander at too!

UPDATE - While on youtube today, I found some videos of how to make stitch markers that you might find helpful. Go check 'em out! A good place for wholesale beads, findings, clasps, and tons more, go to Fire Mountain Gems and Beads. I found this excellent online site years ago when I used to make bracelets. They sell all kinds of jewelry making stuff - you'll spend hours exploring their website!

Have fun!

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Marie/Underground Crafter said...

This is a great tutorial. Thanks for posting it! I've included a link to it as part of my post on essential crochet supplies.

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