Monday, June 1, 2009

Dresses by courtneycourtney!

Serenity's cute cowboy boots dress by courtneycourtney came in a few days ago and I took Serenity around Houma/Thibodaux to shoot some pictures of her wearing it. Bethany came with us and I shot some pictures of her too. I'll post them later. We went to a few of the same places I took Kelsey.

In these pictures, Serenity's wearing her new cowboy boots dress with the little cap sleeves. The dress was beautiful on the my computer monitor, but my monitor didn't do it enough justice. It looks so much better in person! The colors are gorgeous! I love the way Serenity's pictures turned out! Do you?

Courtney also sent me a sweet little sample dress and I shot some pictures of Serenity wearing that one too. Isn't that band of flowers in the middle of the dress pretty? Serenity certainly noticed! How did Courtney know Serenity was going through a "flower stage"?! Everyone who saw her wearing it remarked how cute it was on her! It's an off the shoulder dress and perfect for our sweltering summers down here in South Louisiana. The dress was just a tad big on her (she's so tiny), but that only means she'll be able to wear it longer.

Courtney's dresses are darling and I have to admit I'm totally addicted. Serenity loves them and she always knows exactly what they are as soon as I open the package. She's ready to put the dress on right away - then go take pictures. It's like a "twirly switch" turns on as soon as she puts on a dress by Courtney too! She spins around and around and around! It makes me dizzy just looking at her.

Courtney's dresses are a piece of unique, cool & comfortable wearable art - and your little girl will LOVE one too! Take a little time to check out Courtney's store and all her latest updates on her blog, you'll be glad you did!

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