Saturday, June 6, 2009

Adorable Crochet Skirts

I crocheted two skirts for Serenity using the cutest pattern I bought over at Dutch Knitting Design for only $7! The pattern is extremely detailed with lots of helpful information and tips. The skirts were very easy to make, and taking my time, it only took a couple of hours to complete a size 2 skirt.

On Wednesday I made the first skirt. The colors remind me of sherbet so that's what I'm gonna call it! Here's Serenity wearing her "Sherbet Skirt":

I got so many compliments; everyone wanted to know where I bought it!

For the second skirt, I was inspired by Alice over at futuregir!.com.

BTW: Check out her new post: Tutorial: Foundation Single Crochet - Supplement. It's a follow-up for her Foundation Single Crochet Tutorial.

She made one of her beautiful handbags for a friend that was blue with a couple of darling felt daisies. Alice even has an easy picture tutorial showing you step-by-step how she made the those little daisies! What a sweet look for a toddler skirt! So Thursday night I whipped up another skirt:

LOVE it! She even has a pair of daisy shoes to match! Everyone kept going on and on about how pretty Serenity was wearing her "Sweet As A Daisy Skirt"!

Of course I plan to make more of these! My next projects will be two skirts for the 4th of July. I'm making one for Serenity and one for my friend's little girl, Cobee Lynn. I'll try to get pictures of both of the girls together wearing their outfits and post 'em! Cobee Lynn is adorable and I've got to get some pictures of her wearing at least one of the outfits I made her!!

It's inexpensive to crochet too. I only used around 2 skeins of Sugar 'n Cream cotton yarn. It's kinda more expensive than worsted yarn, but you can pretty much use whatever yarn you want to change the look of the skirt. My costs for the yarn was about $1.89 per skein. If you need to make a larger sized skirt for a tween or older, using cotton yarn can get very expensive. I'd use worsted or sport yarn for a bigger skirt since it'll keep costs cheap.

For the sweetest little crochet skirt pattern, go check out Dutch Knitting Design. They have lots of other patterns that you might be interested in too!

POST-IT NOTE: Even though I've been crocheting for years, I still find the need to clarify some little (or huge) technique or have a question I need help answering. At Micheal's a few months ago, I came across probably the smallest, most helpful crochet handbook I've ever seen. It's called The Crochet Answer Book ($10.15 & free shipping w/Amazon Prime). GET IT! It'll be the best little crochet book you'll ever buy!

Have fun crocheting your next project!

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