Monday, June 20, 2011

Hip Klip/Klub Combo

I entered the Purse Bling GIVEAWAY hosted by Teaching Tiny Tots and won this funky cool Hip Klip/Klub combo for Serenity.

It came in today and she's been wearing it all day - only taking it off during nap-time.

It's great for preschoolers, little girls and boys, tween, teens and Moms!

It's not very big, but perfect to keep track of all your small items:
money, phone, lip gloss, tiny toys, coins, a cool rock, or that perfect little sea shell!

Serenity kept her vending machine and snowcone money in it during our afternoon in town today.

It's also helped to get Serenity interested in money and how to use it - on a very small scale of course.
But she learned that a Barbie snowcone was 1 dollar and 2 quarters.
And some vending machines took 4 quarters, while others took 2 or only 1!

Oh and check out Purse Bling's little Twist and Pout Lip Balms - they are on 10% off right now!

Have fun!

1 comment:

Jerilyn Stein said...

The hip klip looks so cute on your precious daughter! I love that it's helping her learn budgeting and spending! Thanks for posting this! Best, Jerilyn

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