Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day!!

What's in the photos:

The tent:
I built the frame (all by myself!) using my hubby's power tools, and just threw one of my favorite old quilts over it. Serenity likes to take naps in her new tent!

The ice chest:
My sister Paige put it together. She found an old ice chest that used to be my little bother's, some colorful Beanie Baby fish she had in her collection, and then tied a bit of ribbon to a stick and a little yellow felt fish.


The lantern:
$5 from Wallyworld!

The jar:
$10 from Wallworld. There is a pink and black "butterfly" inside a beautiful mason-like glass jar. It flies around pretty realistically when you gently tap the lid!

The picnic basket:
$4 from Wallyword. The blue-checked cloth is from an old sheet that used to be my sister's when she was a little girl.

The rag quilt:
Serenity's baby quilt that I made.

The pillow:
Big, fluffy, soft, heart-shaped, and PINK! Around $10 at Target - I'm pretty sure that's where I got it.

The letters:
Chalkboard letters I painted. I found a big box of Crayola chalk for under $2 at Wallyworld. You can find out more about the chalkboard letters in my blog post here.

The Drawings on the Letters:
The first "D": Her name. She learned a few months ago and she's very proud of her accomplishment.
The "A": A rainbow!
The second "D": That's Rapunzel in her tower with her long hair flowing down, and Mother Gothel waiting in the grass at the bottom.

The headband:
I made it using Heather Ross' Tadpoles in a Jar fabric, silk flowers, a tiny crochet daisy, feathers, and a Swarovski crystal.

The Flag Bunting:
I made it too! I used mixed-mashed fabrics that weren't too-too "girly" to blend with the overall theme of the shoot.

The Doll:
A lovely handmade OOAK doll made by Bamboletta. Her name is Haven!

The Dresses:
Serenity's dress says, "Me and My Dad". Serenity and Haven's dresses are unique, OOAK from courtneycourtney!

The Girl:
My Beautiful, Happy, Quirky, Funny, Energetic, and Smart 4 1/2 ~going on 16~ year old Daughter Serenity!!

Have Fun!

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