Thursday, September 2, 2010

DIY Dinosaur Activity Books

My sweet little girly girl wants a dinosaur themed birthday party.
It all started last year when we stopped at the bakery to order a castle cake for her 3rd birthday.
She saw the most amazing dinosaur cake and wanted it.


I reminded her that we were here to get the castle cake.
She thought about it for a couple of minutes then said,

"Okay, but next year I want the dinosaur cake!"

The girl wasn't even 3 yet!

So for the next 10 months, at least once a month, she brought up her dinosaur birthday party!

Talk about tenacious!


She's always loved dinosaurs though so I'm not really too surprised she wants a dino birthday party.

With her party coming up in about a month, I've been hunting around trying to figure out what kind of inexpensive party favors I can put together this year.

I decided to include little dinosaur activity books I made as part of the party favors.

Materials needed:
Dinosaur Activity Book
Mod Podge
Paint brush
PowerPoint or Openoffice Impress
4 sheets of 8 1/2" x 14" paper per book


1. I found a dinosaur activity book with perforated pages for ages 3-6 (like Teachers use in their classrooms) on Amazon.
2. Then I scanned and saved all the pages.
3. I opened PowerPoint, changed my paper size to 8 1/2" x 14", and then re-sized each picture (7.5"H x 6.42"W) so they would fit side-by-side.
4. I put together a total of 8 pages, including the cover page.
I made sure to save each page so I'd have them for future projects.
5. Next I printed each page on both sides of a 8 1/2" x 14" sheet of paper.
6. After I printed enough pages to create 6 books, I folded each sheet in half.


7. Using the paint brush, I applied Mod Podge down the center crease of each page, and then glued all four pages together.
8. Make sure to let the glue dry before folding the entire book in half.

All done!


Totally kid-approved!
Serenity had fun completing the test activity book before she went to bed.
She told me that she wants to do another book tomorrow.
I guess that means she likes it!

Stay tuned for more DIY dinosaur themed birthday party favors!

Have fun!!

Show and Tell Green


Mary said...

Adorable!! What a clever idea!

We just had a dino party for my 3 year old boy too! One thing I LOVED was that I went to Michael's and bought those balsa wood puzzle things that you put together. They have 5 or so dinosaurs and they are only $1-2 each. They looked awesome as table decor and we sent them home with the kids in addition to their favor bag. And now Clark has one in his room as decor too.

Another idea that we didn't use (ran out of time) was drawing dino footprints up to the door! Too fun!

Toyin O. said...

Great information! Thanks for sharing!

bless their hearts mom said...

Have you checked out PBS Dinosaur Train series? They have dinosaurs more aimed at 3 yr olds. Also
check out dragon tales items- they're friendly version of dinosaurs, at least that what my 3 yr old tells me!

Bobbi & Noe said...

Those are awesome! Great job. Kids remember everything don't they??? And they'll ask about it forever! :)

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