Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Photographing Serenity


I love taking pictures of my baby! I know I have tons, but I'm a late Mommy so now it's my turn to share pictures of my beautiful sweetheart!

I can't deny it's also cause I can practice my photography too. Not only is it fun to dress Serenity in all her cute and funky dresses and outfits, it's also a way to showcase my work to people who might want pictures of their sweeties!

I'm always trying to learn how to do better too. But for the most part I'm self-taught. Even though it's been a dream/goal of mine, I've never actually taken a photography class before last week.

After seeing Julie's (from ZozoBugBaby - don't you just LOVE her clothes?!) photography improved by leaps and bounds this Summer, I wanted to learn how she learned so much in such a small amount of time!

So taking her advice, I recently took two classes from MCP Actions to learn how to really make my pictures POP - like Julie's!

I took the "Learn to Use Curves" class first and the following week took "Color Fixing" workshops.

Now when I look at all the pictures I've
ever taken I see a TON of color problems, because not only can I recognize the problems - I can fix them!!

I want to go back and correct every picture I have!!

Of course I need a lot more practice, but I learned so much.

Taking a live class like that is so helpful, much more than reading a book or watching video tutorials online. Don't get me wrong, both video and books are great and have of course helped me enormously, but knowing that I have an extremely knowledgeable person like Jodi
right there (so to speak) ready to answer any questions I have about something she's showing me, well that goes a long way helping me to step up my game!

If you're thinking about taking an online workshop -

Don't hesitate!

I would recommend Jodi from MCP Actions because she made everything so understandable - no high tech terms that I would be scratching my head trying to figure what in the world they meant. It was very easy to take everything she taught me in class and apply that to my own pictures later.

Okay how do y'all like Serenity's outfit?
Funky, huh?!
Like flashback to the 70's! I love it!! Let me tell you a little bit about it.

Courtneycourtney created Serenity's up-cycled pants. These are some of her very first bell bottom ones (she created a different style last year). I hope more bell bottoms are on the way!

Wren Willow created Serenity's lovely 100% organic shirt. It's been hand-dyed and then silk-screened using Marla's own unique illustrations.

BTW: Keep a sharp eye out for some of courtneycourtney latest creations - Wren Willow's beautiful designs have been spotted on sleeves and more!

Serenity's wonderful vintage jacket (look at that cool blue stitching!) and red and white umbrella barrettes are from 3 Ring Circus. Be sure to check that store daily - Heather is always posting beautiful vintage clothes and even toys! You can be sure anything you buy from her will be in excellent condition!

Have fun!


ringmaster said...

my sister and i are going to take a photography class together!! and i can't tell you enough how adorable serenity is!!!!

alix said...

That little girl is AMAZING!!!!!! I saw you on Heather's facebook....I run a blog called and we do a thing every friday called "The Weekly Kiddo" where we spotlight a bunch of pix of a cute kiddo in their styish duds. Would LOVE to show off serenity some time!!!!


Piece Unique said...

I understand you your daughter is just delightful! I'm always taking mountains of pics of my 26 month old too! It's a proud Mum's thing isn't it, esp when we make them clothes too ;)

Sheshanna - PIECE UNIQUE

Michelle said...

Oh my goodness is she adorable! With those twinkling eyes and beautiful smile you can just tell this girl is full of spirit.

Katie said...

so cute! nice job on the pic too :) I've been without my computer for a month so i can't retouch anything or post much :( I did however get myself a bernina serger on craigslist! How are you? haven't heard from you in FOREVER!

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