Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wheatgrass Critter Head - Sarah the Frog

Kim over at Grow With Me Gifts has put together the little wheatgrass critter kits that your child will love!

Recently Kim had a fun contest on her blog to name the critter heads.
The frog is Sarah and the pig is Penny - how cute!

Serenity is adamant that hers is Prince Naveen though, how funny she thinks the frog is a boy and not a girl!

Also, Kim followed my "How To Make A Tiny Fairy" tutorial to create her own adorable Fairy Catcher necklaces in her Etsy store!

She has the sweetest collection of fairies to choose from too.

Here's a picture I took of Serenity with my iPhone wearing her Fairy necklace from GWMG.
Serenity calls her Zoe and loves bringing her places with us!

Below are some pictures of Serenity assembling her froggy grass critter.

All done!

The kit is wonderful for small children since they can put it together all by themselves and that will help boost their confidence too!

Click on over to Grow With Me Gifts on Etsy to order your critter head today!

Don't forget to share your child's progress on GWMG FB Fan page!

Have fun!

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Anonymous said...

Whenever I read your posts I am inspired. I love to see how you write with so much energy. We love to hear what you say an we also get so happy to see your lovely lil S sooo happy and having fun:-) that makes us very proud. Thanks for all you do! Kim and Brianna

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