Monday, January 11, 2010

The CC Twirl Skirt!

Okay, I totally forgot to add the pictures of Serenity wearing her courtneycourtney twirl skirt in my last CC post! I took these pictures of Serenity on the beach in Grand Isle last Summer. The skirt is adorable - of course. Serenity has a new CC skirt that came in today, and as soon it warms up a bit outside, I'll get some cute pictures of her wearing it!

Did you know that Courtney's dresses were Cool Mom Picks "Editor's Best of 2008"?!

Cool Mom Picks described Courtney's dresses as:

"Her sweet, definitively cool kids dresses combine sometimes old and sometimes new adult t-shirts along with the artist's own limited edition screenprints. The result is totally one-of-a-kind dresses that your daughter (and you) are sure to love."

I agree 100%!

She was a featured Etsy seller in 2008 too!
How cool is that?! And she's only 27! I'm totally impressed!

Check out her 5 years worth of sales to see some of the cool silkscreen prints and different dress designs! Did you know she's even made booties, boy's pants
(which can double as leggings), adult dresses, and doggie shirts!?

If you're looking for one of her beautiful pieces of artwear for your Darling Stinker, be quick! They fly off the shelves of her Etsy Store! She has a regular full-time job, but still tries to post new dresses everyday! However, with her huge customer base, you'll need to stay on the ball if you want to out-buy one of them - like ME!

Have fun!


Anonymous said...

All CC addicts.....wave your hands around like a crazy person! WOOT!

Ashley said...

Of course Serenity is adorable as always! I didn't even know Courtney made skirts! Very cute!

Ashley said...

Hey, did you get my email about the leggings?

Jane said...

Quit telling people!! We don't need the competition. We already have to stay awake 24 hours a day to try to get our hands on one and now others will know our secret!!

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