Sunday, January 10, 2010

GWMG: Flowers & A New Start!

Okay we are totally addicted to Kim's GWMG kits.
The last kit Serenity and I did together produced some very pretty flowers.
Serenity was so excited too!

It was time to start over and dispose of the old plant - it got really tall!
Serenity got to touch the roots and I explained to her how they helped the plant to grow and make flowers.
Then I cut the pretty white flowers off the plant so she could hold and smell them - she thought it was lots of fun!

We started another kit immediately after this one.
I bought the last paperwhite bulb (a Princess!) kit in Kim's Etsy store, and we are hoping to get more flowers!
Soon Kim will have her Spring/Summer kits available.
Remember to stay tuned to her Etsy store and her Facebook Grow With Me Gifts fan page for more details!

On to the next kit:

I washed the pretty "jewels" from our last kit, and Serenity put them in the new vase and arranged the bulbs.
She's getting to be an old hand at this!

Then she watered her new plant and sat back and admired her handiwork!
She's always so proud of her plants, and taking care of them gives her a huge sense of accomplishment!
I just love that!
Maybe she'll have a green thumb when she grows up?!

I totally recommend the Grow With Me Gift kits - and your child will enjoy putting one together just as much as Serenity does.
But you'll have to wait until Kim lists her new Spring/Summer kits since she's completely sold out of all her Fall/Winter kits.

And oh yeah, you know that's a courtneycourtney Serenity is wearing!!
It's an Abe Lincoln dress - very adorable!
I'll post more pictures of the dress when I get some full-length pictures.
To see more pictures of Serenity wearing CC dresses, check out my posts here.


Head over to Courtney's blog today and learn how you can win a FREE CC original for your little girl!!

Have fun!

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marisa said...

Ours is growing nicely here in CA! I won the kit from her giveaway and the kids love waking up and seeing how much it grew!

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