Sunday, January 3, 2010

So Many New CCs!

I'm posting pictures from the past six months or so of Serenity wearing some of her newest CC dresses!

It's been quite a while since I've posted pictures of Serenity in her CC dresses - but you can see a few of the newer ones in my GWMG posts too!

CC dresses are Serenity's absolute favorites - not only are they the most comfortable pieces of clothing in her closet, they come in a huge array of kaleidoscope colors and prints - no two are ever the same!

To me, courtneycourtney clothes represents childhood like no other!

Okay, so here we go (in no particular order), my Darling Stinker posing in her adorable, funky, and totally unique dresses from CC!

Serenity is always thrilled when she gets a new CC dress in the mail! We've gotten so many, she instantly recognizes the packages from CC and screams, "That's my dress!"- and as far as I know, she can't read yet - da little stinker!

Go check out courtneycourtney's Etsy store to find a fun and chic dress for your Darling Stinker!

While you're there, check out courtneycourtney's 5 years worth of positive feedback and adorable pictures from hundreds of tiny satisfied customers!

I hope y'all enjoyed looking at the pictures!

POST-IT-NOTE: Serenity's flower leggings are from Little Lilies over at Etsy. They are well-made and so cute!
Most of Serenity's shoes and boots are second-hand from Ebay. You can get some awesome deals on little kids shoes at Ebay, and since they outgrow them pretty fast, they are usually still in great condition. Her Fancy Nancy and red glitter shoes are from Target.
Serenity's little jacket vests are from Ebay too - but the pretty multi-colored sweater was a Christmas present from my baby sister, Paige. She got it from KMart and I LOVE it!

Have fun!


Zura said...

so cute!! the dresses really stand out and Serenity is so beautiful and full of expressions! :)

charcharr said...

Love that purple bubble.

Jane said...

OMG she is so darling!!! I love Courtney Courtney too, dresses are awesome and Serenity sure knows how to show them off!

Anonymous said...

She is the most beautiful model and your photography is amazing!

Ashley said...

Serenity has more clothes than I do !!! She is adorable as always! Love the photography!

CC said...

I love the little dresses..and that sweet adorable little one is so gorgeous and such a natural model.
p.s. I am CC also..but a totally different CC... :)

Steffens Family said...

I love the dresses and Serenity really knows how to pose! Where did the leggings with the flowers come from?

Katie said...

Does she do special orders because everytime I look its all long sleeve and nothing Mia's size. I still need to try lilblueboo's pattern I bought!

courtneycourtney said...

Who knew that in those five years your vibrant model would be bringing my creations to life! And the accessories!? How much fun do y'all have putting those outfits together! Cheers to many years to come!

Nicole said...

she is adorable and looks like so much fun especially in all these bright colors.

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