Friday, January 29, 2010

Blog Swap w/Making the World Cuter: So MANY cute tutes!

Hi Cute "Tots" Readers!
Angie is the best-and totally agreed to do this in a crunch!
She always has the cutest tutorials, and Serenity is so stinkin adorable!
Let me introduce myself.
I'm Tiffany, you can call me Tiff.
...and I take pictures here at Pumpernickel Buttons. Photography.
Here is a picture I took recently of my 3 little "tots" ages 6, 3 and 18 months-
they are a blast, a handful and completely wonderful!
I do a tutorial every Tuesday on something I've whipped up, and with three little ones, you can bet a lot of them are geared towards them. Also with an 18 month old boy, aka: clingy little spider monkey, you can bet a lot of them are easy and quick.
Here are a few of my tutorials...
There is lots more over at Making the World Cuter, including a Making the World Cuter Monday linky party every Monday-so come on over and share your cuteness!
Thanks Angie! You are the best!


Unknown said...

Cute stuff! Thanks for sharing! I am checking it out now!

My Trendy Tykes said...

I'm loving the Princess Rules one. I will have to check that out.

Thanks for posting these.

Bird said...


You know how much I love your stuff..but I just came over to say hi :)

Plus, I want to snoop around Treasures for Tots, 'cause ther's a jimbalaia recipe with my name on it!!

Bird said...

arrrgh, I can't find your recipe, help!!! JIMBALAIA PLEEEASA!!! :D

Rachel said...

Just wanted to say thanks Angie for featuring my kitchen project in your sidebar! What a bunch of great projects you have here... I'm totally into felt food right now!

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