Wednesday, November 4, 2009

T-Shirt Dress: How to Add a Skirt to a T-Shirt

Once your Darling Stinker's cute little tees have gotten too short for her to wear, make a dress! 
You've probably seen this done already, but I thought I'd share how I sewed a cute play dress for Serenity using one of her old favorite tees that she hasn't been able to wear in months.

This is a very easy project, perfect for beginner and intermediate sewers!

Click on a picture (or right-click then click "open image in new tab) to ZOOM in.

Materials needed:
T-shirt (I used an 18M Disney Princess tee)
(1 piece) 15" x 45" main fabric
(2 pieces) 4" x 45" ruffle fabric
measuring tape
fray check

Try the shirt on your child and determine how long you'd like the skirt and ruffle to be.

For the main fabric, I used glitter Disney Princess material I found at Hobby Lobby a while back. The ruffle fabric is a bright pink tie-dyed material I got from Hancock a couple of years ago. I cut the main fabric 15" long and the ruffle pieces 4" long. For the width, cut all pieces selvage to selvage.

With right sides facing, lay the ruffle pieces on top of one another, then sew both ends forming a large circle. Open and iron the seams flat. Fold the ruffle in half and iron again. I like to make my ruffle this way so I don't have to hem! Saves a lot of time, but you'll use a little more fabric.

With right sides facing, sew the main fabric together forming a tube, serge or zig-zag the edges, then iron the seam flat.

Set your machine to a long stitch (or gathering stitch) and sew the top edge of the ruffle piece. Pull the bobbin thread to gather the ruffle. Go slowly so you don't break the thread.

Once the ruffle is the same width as the main fabric, wrap the thread around a pin and push it down to keep the ruffles from coming undone, arrange the ruffles evenly all the way around, then pin the ruffle to the right side of the main fabric.

Sew the ruffle to the skirt. I sewed right over my gathering stitch. Take your time and straighten the ruffles as you sew. Serge or try using a 3-step zig-zag on the edges, and then iron the seam up toward the top of the skirt.

Top stitch to keep the ruffle in place. Sew a gathering stitch on the top of the skirt, and then pull the bobbin thread to gather the skirt the same width as the t-shirt.

Cut the hem off the shirt. With right sides together pin the seams together, then continue pinning the skirt to the tee all the way around. Use lots of pins! Sew a little above the gathering stitch. I use a long stitch length (3.5) since it makes it easier (for me) to sew knit. Go slowly, straightening the skirt as you sew.

Pull out the gathering stitch, serge or finish your seams using a zig-zag stitch. Thread the loose ends back through and add a drop of fray check.

All done! 
I made the dress very long. 
It actually touches Serenity's feet. 
Serenity of course loves her new dress!
She said, "I a Princess Mommy!"

Have fun!


michelle@somedaycrafts said...

Cute! I featured this one at too!

Fawnda@Fireflies and Jellybeans said...

Your little princess looks so great in her new princess dress!

Anonymous said...

Your post has inspired me. I want to do this with a t-shirt for my niece who insists on wearing dresses only. Thank you!

must_sew_faster said...

I am going to start making these for my 11 year old; she loves to wear dresses, but the dresses in her size (about a 5 junior) are FAR too mature for her! These will give her the swooshy skirt she loves and coverage on top!

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