Sunday, November 8, 2009

Grow With Me Gift: Three Weeks Later

I almost forgot this week to take pictures and post the Grow With Me Gift update! Time got away from me quick today. My husband is home after being offshore for 4 weeks, and Serenity and I made a trip to Galliano to pick him up.

I didn't realize how quickly it was getting dark either! Man - I took these pictures at 5:30PM and it's almost pitch black outside!

There is so much going on today! We are under tropical storm warning because Hurricane Ida is out in the Gulf right now. Although it looks like she's turning more towards Florida. I hope everyone in her path stays safe!

Looks like the Saints are going to win another game too - my husband is excited. They are 8-0 right now. Terry says that's its the first time history that's ever happened. As I'm writing this, my superstitious husband is telling me not to say anything until the game is actually over, 'cause I'm going to jinx the entire game! Silly man!

So do y'all see how big our Paperwhite bulbs are now?! The flowers haven't bloomed yet, but not long anymore - maybe next Sunday!

Remember to buy your kit HERE!

It's starting to get a little top-heavy (since it's about to bloom), so I took the twine that was around the vase and tied it around the plant and the decorated sticks to help support the plant.

Wow! Beat that run-on sentence!!

Oh yeah, girlfriends, you know that dress Serenity's wearing is from courtneycourtney!

Have fun!

1 comment:

Ashley said...

Holy Cow that thing got huge!! Hope all is well! Miss talking with you....Serenity is getting so big!

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