Monday, November 16, 2009

Gift Bag Tutorial

I made very simple gifts bags for Serenity's birthday party this year and last year. Last year her birthday party theme was The Little Mermaid - this year it was Disney Princesses.

I didn't leave out the boys - I made Saints bags for them this year and last year.

The kids really liked these bags too - so much cuter than the plain old plastic store-bought ones and they'll last much longer than expensive paper gift bags.

They are very, very quick and easy to sew. Perfect for a beginner sewer and kids too. The bags cost less than 50¢ to make - cheaper if you can find a good sale or two!

Here's how I made them:

Materials needed:
(2) 9"w x 10"l fabric
(2) 12"l x
(7/8" - 1") wide ribbon
lighter or fray check

Use a lighter or fray check to seal all the ends of the ribbons.
Iron both pieces of fabric.
Serge the top of both pieces.
OR you can zig-zag the edges.

Place the fabrics together with right sides facing.
Sew both sides, then the bottom 1/4" from the edge.
Serge all the raw edges.
OR you can zig-zag the edges.

Before turning the bag inside out, you could square the corners for a different look.

Turn the bag inside out.
Iron flat (optional).
With the
right side of the ribbon facing the right side of the bag, pin the ribbon 1 1/2" from the side of the bag.
Pin the other end of the ribbon 1 1/2" from the other side of the bag.
Repeat on the opposite side of the bag with the second ribbon.

Fold the top of the bag under 3/4".
Iron flat (optional).
Top-stitch 1/2" from the top of the bag.
Reinforce the handles by back-stitching over the ribbon.

All done! See how simple that was?!

POST-IT-NOTE: The night (and early morning) before Serenity's birthday party, Bethany stayed up to help me with all kinds of last minute party stuff.
She also helped me make almost 20 gifts bags!
She was such a BIG help - I couldn't have gotten everything done without her!!

Thank you Bethy!!

POST-IT-NOTE 2: I would like give a HUGE thank you to One Pretty Thing for linking this post!

Have fun!


Jen said...

I made a bag out of that princess fabric a few years ago. Great idea!

Prior said...

Wow! Handmade treasures just show you care enough to spend some time, and little ones love having a tote for their things, plus you are right so much of the time the paper and plastic ones are torn-up before the children leave the party. Lezlee

Andy Porter said...

Those are great bags! Happy b-day to your little cutie!

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