Saturday, January 14, 2012

Butter and Avocado Oil Hair Treatment

Tonight I tried a new hair treatment in Serenity's hair,
Butter and Avocado Oil!

I saw on a "back to natural" blog about a fresh butter treatment that is supposed to help treat dry hair.

~I'm sorry I can't find the blog. I'll link if I come across it again!~

I decided to add avocado oil because it's excellent for dry hair too.
I used Land O Lakes brand butter, but you can try making your own.
I'll probably try that next time.
Click HERE to find out how I make Homemade Butter.

Butter and Avocado Oil Hair Treatment:
4 tbsp. or 1/2 stick of real unsalted butter
4 -6 tbsp. of 100% pure avocado oil
plastic wrap

Measure the amount of butter you'll need.

Soften the butter; pop it in the microwave for 20 seconds, or let it sit out.
If you're making it fresh, you won't have to worry about this step.

Add the avocado oil.

Stir until well blended.

Apply to the hair, use your fingertips to massage it around until the hair is covered.

Wrap the hair in plastic wrap.
Let it sit for 30 minutes to a hour.
Serenity isn't feeling too good.
She has a bit of a cold and fever.
She's wearing a Be Cool Mickey gel sheet on her forehead.
I've been using them whenever Serenity has a fever (along with baby Tylenol and Ibuprofen) for years - they work great!

Rinse with lukewarm water.
Shampoo and condition as you would normally.

Comb, brush, style as usual.

All done!

The Results?
Overall very good.
I would probably only do this type of treatment on wash days though.
Just rinsing the butter out with lukewarm water won't get it completely out of the hair, it needs to be rinsed thoroughly, then washed.
The treatment certainly helped with the tangles and made Serenity's hair so manageable and soft.
On the down side it's a sort of time consuming, but it's an excellent once-a-month type treatment that I plan to do again.

Have Fun!

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