Friday, January 20, 2012

13 Ounces or Less

Recently I discovered giver'slog on Pinterest.

I love AmberLee's series, 13 ounces or less!
She finds all kinds of creative ways to send cute gifts in the mail.
Including flip-flops, a ball (who knew you could send a ball with only stamps and an address?!) and a clown disguise!

But here's the catch - everything has to weigh 13 ounces or less!

Okay - I had to try it!

We send things in the mail all the time to Serenity's BFF Pen Pal Brianna (her Mommy is Grow With Me Gifts), but this time giver'slog inspired me to get a little more creative with the packaging. 

Please excuse the quality of the photos - I forgot to grab my big camera when I left the house and these are taken with my cell phone.

I found a little plastic "paint can" from Target in the dollar aisles a while back and decided to fill that up and mail it.
The key is to take everything out of it's original packaging.
I went to a little local place called Mailbox Express instead of my actual Post Office - I've been going there for years since it's closer to my house, and the ladies over there are so nice!

I'm not totally sure the PO will accept it yet, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed they do!
I'll update once I find out if the paint can arrives at Brianna's with no problems.

The paint can is filled with a few Dollar Store toys, little trinkets from Target's dollar aisles, and a rolled-up note from Serenity - weighing in at a whopping 4.7 ounces!
~I forgot to get a picture of the toys before I packed the container.~

Serenity got to put the stamps on the paint can after they printed a label for us.
They taped the top of the can for us too.

All ready to be mailed to Brianna!

I love this idea and it's such a fun activity for kids!
I have quite a few things in mind that Serenity can mail in the future.

Don't forget to check out giver'slog and see all the cool things she's mailed that's 13 ounces or less!

Brianna got it in the mail yesterday!
Kim posted on her blog, Grow With Me Gifts pictures of Brianna enjoying all the little toys in her fun gift.
We are so happy it was such a hit, and that it went through the mail successfully! 
Serenity was glad Brianna got her little "note" the most! 

Have fun!

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L Jameson Co said...

OMG... I would love to get Destiny in on this! She would love it and I had been thinking it would be fun to get her a pen pal, but we dontknow anyone far enough away to be a pen pal :(. So cute though... Definetly look out for her a pen pal!

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