Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Woogie!!

Serenity's Woogie arrived Friday!

It's so cute and Serenity loves it!

It's very cuddly and fun to play with too!

I think it's a good product overall. It would nice if the Woogie came in different colors (like pink!), but the green is pretty and just right for girls and boys.

Serenity's iTouch fit in the Woogie's protective pocket without taking off her Trident Aegis case. That's a bonus! The Velcro keeping the pocket closed is very secure so no worries about the iTouch falling out.

The built-in speaker is on the bottom of the Woogie and you plug a short jack into the iTouch. The jack is attached to a small box that holds the batteries and is easily accessible in one of the legs (arms?). The speaker itself is not accessible at all. The sound quality on the speaker is pretty good - no distortions that I can detect and not overly loud.

It's a snap to use headphones instead of the speaker while the iTouch is secure in the Woogie.

I love how posable the Woogie's legs (petals?) are! It's very comfortable for kids to use.

Another bonus: it's a lot easier to find the Woogie compared to a smaller case - and harder to misplace!

On the downside, you can't wash the Woogie like you would a stuffed animal - you'd ruin the speaker. You can spot clean it, and a friend who is worried about dust mites said that vacuuming it might be a good alternative to putting in the washing machine.

The only real gripe I have about the Woogie is the thick plastic that covers the protective pocket. It sticks (and I mean sticks) to the iTouch so it's sorta a challenge to get it in and out of the pocket. The thick plastic also makes it a little difficult to play the iTouch.

Since Serenity's Aegis case fits perfectly inside the Woogie's protective pocket, and the iTouch already has a screen protector on it, I took the advice of a friend and cut off that thick plastic. You can't even tell I did it! Now it's no problem to slide it in and out of the pocket and easier to access the iTouch screen.

Even though Serenity had a little bit of a problem using her iTouch with that thick plastic over the protective pocket, I highly recommend the Woggie.
Serenity has become attached to it very quickly - it really is a huggable new friend!

Serenity's festive dress is from courtneycourtney and her funky fringe pants are from Tag You "R" It!

Have fun!!


coolkids said...

she is adorable! I would love to feature her as a real life cool kid on my blog! I do it on Thursdays!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the review! The Woogie looks like the perfect thing for our car trips. Serenity is the perfect spokesperson - she's just so cute!

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