Friday, February 11, 2011

NEW Banner!

Steven Novak updated my banner again for me - for the third time! I love it!

Back in 2009 I contacted Steven for the first time, and told him my idea for a banner. He was so gracious to agree to work with me!

As usual I'm very pleased with his beautiful results!

Steven specializes in children illustrations - I love his amazing artwork! He has also written a fantasy adventure novel called Forts (it has a 5-star rating on Amazon). You can find the Forts Facebook fan page here. Forts is the first book in a series, and Steven is currently working on the other two novels now. He does all his own illustrations for the novel too - of course!

He even has a webcomic called the Bad Guys. How cool is that?!

He's so talented! It's been wonderful working with him, and being there (so to speak) while he creates something so personal for my blog.

As Serenity has gotten older, my banner has evolved. Steven has always been wonderful about adding those little extra details that makes it so special. All the fun things that Serenity is interested in doing at her age are there! It's been interesting to watch little things added - and some things taken away.

So if you're looking around for something very unique and fun for your banner and buttons - go check out Steven Novak's awesome illustrations!! You'll be very happy you did!

Don't forget to grab one of my buttons before you leave!

Have fun!
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