Monday, March 22, 2010

Otterbox for the iTouch

This is the iTouch Otterbox Defender series case. Otterbox stopped making them, but people complained so they will be coming back soon. The site says Spring 2010 - which I guess means any day now! You can follow the link above to submit your email address, and they'll notify you when the new cases become available. I hope it comes in a lot of different colors - like pink!

The first I heard of this case was from my friend Kira. Then later on the same day, I found out my Brother-in-Law had one for his iTouch! The case adds a little bulk to your iTouch, but it keeps it safe. I doubt the extra bulk will matter to Serenity.

This case is
very tough - and I know it'll hold up better than the case Serenity has on her iTouch now. Definitely worth the investment - especially if it's for your 3 year old! My BIL's case protects his screen, phone, and all the ports. That's perfect! I wouldn't have to worry about Serenity dropping her phone - she hasn't yet (nothing major), but it's certainly a big concern of mine.

drop my phone occasionally, I would expect a 3 year old would too at some point. I have visions of her dropping it while sitting in a Target shopping buggy!

Then the next day, another friend had a similar case for her iPhone. Mel said while she was at the AT&T store getting her phone, they were throwing these cases on the floor over and over and the iPhone inside wasn't even damaged! That convinced her to buy one. But man, the more I looked at it, the more familiar it got. I think my husband got one for me when he bought my iPhone!

Sure enough, when I got home and checked - it
was the Otterbox Defender case for the iPhone! When Terry first showed it to me - all I saw was how bulky it was and I didn't want it. So it's just been lying round now for over a month.

The first thing I did when I got home was pop my iPhone in the Otterbox. Yeah, it
IS bulky, but it's not that bad and it's tough - probably the toughest case you'll find. Look, why pay $200 or more for the iPhone and iTouch and not get the best protection you can find for them? Doesn't make any sense.

Just like the iTouch Defender case, this one will protect your screen, phone, and all the ports. When you click on the Otterbox Defender case link, you'll see an instructional video that shows you how to put the case on your iPhone. The case pretty much works the same way for the iTouch too. You can get a better idea of how well the case protects the phone (and iTouch) by watching the video.

Otterbox does make a slimmer case for the iPhone, it's called the Commuter TL series. I ordered one to try it. These cases have a lot more colors to choose from - pink, green, black, blue, red, yellow and white. Besides the black, the colors are very pretty and bright!

I think once my husband gets an iPhone he could use the extra protection the Defender cases offers - since he uses his phone while working, hunting, fishing, and all that other boyie outdoorsy stuff guys do!

When the Commuter case arrives, and eventually the new case for the iTouch - I'll update and let y'all know how they worked out.

If you haven't already, don't forget to read my post HERE on why I think an iTouch is a GREAT buy for your 3 year old!

Have fun!


Haley said...

My husband has an otter box for his iPhone and absolutely loves it! His first iPhone got wet and died so he had to buy another- No insurance on iPhones...that is crazy! When he had to buy the second iPhone he knew he had to protect his phone from our 19 month old and himself. lol
It really does protect your phone from moisture- don't ask me how but his ended up in a cup of beer- and from endless falls onto concrete and woodfloors.
The only thing he complains about is while it does charge in the cover, it doesn't fit my car's iPod connector while in the cover. So if you use non Apple connectors that may be an issue.

Otterbox UK said...

The Otterbox range is really designed for that active lifestyle and those who need the best protection for their phones or electronic devices. They have various models ranging from the lightweight impact to the heavy duty defender series. Anyway I recommended these cases to anyone with an extremely expensive phone like the iPhone 4 or HTC Desire and such.

jailbreaking itouch said...

I have this protection for my iPhone 4, and I must say that it has already saved me twice from dropping and scratching it.

Worth every penny =)

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