Friday, September 18, 2009

My First Embroidery Project

I made this needle book yesterday, and it's my first real attempt at embroidery. What I mean by that is I did this free-hand - not cross-stitching! I've certainly never hand-stitched on felt before either.

So I'm excited I did it! I'm planning a surprise for Serenity's birthday (or Christmas) and it will require a lot of embroidering on felt. The needle book is my practice piece, so ignore all the mistakes. It's a kinda whimsical (the flowers are as big as the bird!), so I don't think the mistakes look all that bad. Or not?!

I used lots of different guides (books & blogs) to learn how to embroidery and how to do it on felt.

Futuregirl has an wonderfully detailed tute how to sew felt together using a blanket stitch that is priceless.

AND I found the link from Futuregirl to the most magical knot-making tute EVER! If you haven't seen it yet, you really should. It's called My Favorite Knot. I think it should be call The Magic Knot!

Feeling Stitchy showed me how to use a water erasable pen to draw a picture directly on the felt.

These are the books I used: The Embroidery Stitch Bible, Start to Embroider, and Doodle-Stitching. All three of them were very helpful.

I found the Hand Embroidery Network from One Pretty Thing after I finished my needle book, but I definitely plan to follow her awesome tutes to make Serenity's surprise.

Have fun!


Ashley said...

That is so darn cute!!!

Crystal said...

Very Cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog (Crystal's Craft Spot). I have really enjoyed looking at all of your fun projects.

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