Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dishtowel Dress For Under $3!

Tanya over at Trey & Lucy posted the cutest set of pictures the other day of her daughter wearing a dress she sewed using Halloween dishtowels she picked up in the cheap aisle at Target (I am the Queen of run-on sentences!).

The dishtowels were only $2.50 for 2! They have four different ones: kitty cat, candy corn, ghost, and pumpkin. My Target store only had 1 candy corn towel set left and a dozen or so of pumpkins. Awww, no fair! Never fear! My Facebook friend, Tiffany said she's going to mail me some she got at her Target as a birthday gift! Don't 'cha just love Facebook? Thank you Tiffany!

I couldn't wait to try sewing this! It was so easy and quick - it only took me about 15/20 minutes. I'm slow, so it wouldn't take most people even that long! Just follow Tanya's super easy bandanna tute!

Have fun!

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michelle@somedaycrafts said...

Love this dress too! Lucky girl!

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