Saturday, August 22, 2009

Onesie for Baby Khloe!

A few days ago, I found out Sagan's baby shower was actually this week and not next week! I thought I'd have a whole week to do baby clothes - I was planning to blog about it too!

I've been rushing to get a few things done (like the diaper cake) - and since I'm the slowest sewer in the world, I need lots of time to do one outfit! Especially if it's something I've never done before - like this onesie.

I finally finished one for Sagan's shower, but I wanted to do the entire pack (5 onesies)! Oh well. I still have until October before Khloe arrives!

Here's the onesie I finished up tonight (morning!). The images aren't the greatest - I'm very tired! My pictures always come out so dark indoors - I don't get it! Guess I've got to study some more to learn how to fix that problem!

I used the Ruffle Butt Onesie Tutorial by UCreate.
I crocheted the sweet dainty flowers following a pattern by Lily Knitting over at Etsy.
I used the Magic Adjustable Ring tutorial to start the flower. The MAR is the best thing since slice bread!
To get my "k", I found the font I liked best (Impress BT) in Word, sized it to "500", printed it out and then used it as my template. Worked like a charm!

I love how it turned out! Aren't babies cuter when they have ruffles on their butts?!

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Have fun!


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So cute! I may try to crochet today ;)

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