Monday, August 10, 2009

Diapers for Stella Doll

Tonight I made some diapers for Serenity's Stella Doll (11"), but the diapers will fit on all of Serenity's dolls that are around the same size as Stella or smaller - although the diapers can fit Serenity's Baby Bottoms 15" doll too. 
The strip of Velcro across the front of the diaper allows for a lot of adjusting.

Go here to download the diaper pattern I made. 
When you print the pattern, make sure to set your printer's page scaling setting to: NONE. 
Set your ink setting to "fast draft" or "quick print" so you don't waste a lot of ink printing out the pattern.

I had a problem getting the pattern to print out exactly like the original below, so I finally had to make it a little different. 
It's the same pattern, I just had to fold it in half before scanning it to get it to print right. 
This is the first time I've ever tried to scan a pattern for printing - I encountered a lot of problems that I didn't expect!

You can cut your fabric with the pattern placed on the fold OR you can print 2 copies of the pattern, cut them out, tape them together, then cut out the fabric like I did below. 
Either way will work.

Pin the pattern to the fabric.
Cut out the piece.
 Then re-pin and cut out another piece. 
I used flannel:

Pin the two pieces with right sides together:

Sew 1/4" from the edge, then clip your corners and curves:

Turn inside out (I used a chopstick to pop all the corners out), top stitch, and iron on Velcro Fabric Fusion to the diaper. 
All done!

Look at Serenity's Baby Bottom's doll wearing her cute new diaper!

Have fun!


Jamie Lynn said...

My daughter Madison has this doll- thanks for the idea! She is also a Bi-Racial child with lots of curly hair- and I wanted to thank you for ALL of the info on how to manage it! :) Love your blog! Have a great day!
Jamie Harris

Anonymous said...

This is the sweetest thing! Will have to make some for Elle's dolls!

Natasha Johnson said...

i wanted to thank you for this pattern, i was planning to buy my little princess a stella doll for christmas this year and i was searching the internet for clothes patterns for this doll and this was the only thing that i found. i was wondering, do you have any other patterns for clothes to fit this doll? is there another doll similar in size i could find patterns for...any help would be appriciated

Angie - said...

You're welcome! I'm glad it was so helpful! I've never made dolls clothes for Serenity's Stella doll. But for patterns, I think Stella can fit American Girl's Bitty Baby clothes? There are tons of patterns out for that doll:

Here's a link for a bunch of FREE patterns:

Hope that's helpful!!

Natasha Johnson said...

i liked to this post on my blog. here is a link to the post

MaybeCatchFire said...


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