Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mommy and Daughter Handprints

I'm totally addicted to Pinterest!
Anybody else?

And every time I log on, I get hungry!
Endless photos of delicious foods - I swear I gain 10 pounds each visit!

Yesterday I came across a scanned picture of a Mommy and her son's hands together:

She got the idea from a friend who created this scan with her son:

What a cute, creative idea! 

So I had to try it too!

The first time I tried a high-res scan, Serenity and I were touching the scanner and moving our hands until we felt comfortable.
I didn't realize we were putting lots of fingerprints all over that would show up crystal clear in the scan. 
So I wiped the scanner clean (I missed a couple of smudges, but I think that adds character), and we carefully put our hands down the second time.

It came out exactly like I was hoping it would.

Next, I did a little retouching in Photoshop.
First I turned it into a black and white photo.
Then I lightened the picture focusing mostly on our hands, while darkening the background.

I love the results!

Pinterest is the best!
People are so amazingly creative.
I love discovering unique ideas, delicious food and beautiful photography.

Have fun!

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