Thursday, March 8, 2012

DIY Cut + Sew + Color Doll Kit

Serenity's new DIY doll kit from Sophie and Lili arrived today and we worked together to create her new doll.

You'll have the option of buying fabric markers from Sophie and Lili, or buying your own.
The ones in the picture are Alex Toys fabric markers that I bought online at
I like these because they include purple and pink - every 5 year old girl's favorite colors!

The best part is of course coloring the doll!
But Serenity was actually very interested in each step - including stuffing the doll.

It was windy outside so we had to use clips to hold the fabric in place.

Serenity took her time and colored using small movements.
Sometimes she still gets excited and wants to color all over the place!
She asked me to outline the doll's hair and a couple small spots for her, but she was determined to do the majority of it all by herself.

Serenity colored the doll before I sewed it, so we used a piece of cardboard underneath the fabric because the markers will bleed.

BTW, Serenity's little crocheted beaded bracelet is one I made for her over 2 1/2 years ago!
You can find my instructions HERE!

Finished coloring!
I left the fabric outside to dry in the sun for about 1 - 1 1/2 hours.
Then, following the instructions on the box of markers, I ironed the fabric on the wrong side to set the ink.

It was easier for me to triple stitch around the doll before cutting it out. 
I also used a chunky crochet hook when I needed a little help stuffing the doll in hard to reach places.

I have a much greater appreciation for how these little dolls are made for sure!
That's a lot of work getting each handmade doll to come out just right!

Do you like Serenity's dress?
It's a courtneycourtney and Sophie and Lili collaboration!

Serenity wanted to help stuff her new doll too.
This really is a wonderful Mommy and Daughter quality time project!

All done!
Don't you just love her pink hair?!

Serenity named her Aira and said, "She's the bestest doll ever"!
I think she says that because she had so much fun making the doll with Mommy!

The kit does come with all the fabric to complete the project, but I decided to use some glitter fairy fabric I had for the back.

These DIY dolls from Sophie and Lili are lots fun!
They are great for you and your child to make together, but also as gifts from your child to her friends!

Have fun!
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